Labor and Employment Law

ZAG-S&W’s Labor and Employment Law department represents employers, employees and contractors in all areas of individual and collective labor and employment.


We represent a long list of leading Israeli and international employers, including prominent Israeli companies, international corporations, companies listed in Israel and abroad, nonprofits and public entities, as well as businessmen, senior employees and groups of employees.


ZAG-S&W’s Labor and Employment Law department offers the full range of legal services related to labor law, including providing ongoing advice pertaining to labor law issues, drafting and negotiating individual and collective employment agreements and representing clients in court as well as in alternative dispute resolution proceedings.

We believe in the importance of defending the rights of employers and employees alike, and that reaching amicable resolution of disputes is key to maintaining a healthy working environment.

As such, we strive to resolve labor law disputes efficiently before they arise and place a strong emphasis on providing the highest quality litigation services should any dispute reach court. However, when suitable solutions cannot be obtained outside of court, our attorneys are prepared to litigate, as well as participate in arbitration and mediation proceedings.


Our attorneys are regularly involved in providing seminars, lectures, workshops and training on labor and employment issues to clients and other interested parties.