Legal Dunning and Execution

ZAG-S&W’s Legal Dunning and Execution department has extensive experience and professional knowledge in carrying out legal dunning and execution on behalf of institutional bodies. For over twenty-five years the department has successfully represented a long list of Israel’s leading companies, conducting legal dunning of debts, including execution proceedings.


Our team conducts collection proceedings efficiently, professionally and with full transparency to clients, while maintaining a professional and service oriented approach towards both clients and debtors.

The team
The department is headed by Adv. Yonatan Mogle who specializes in handling complex collection proceedings on behalf of institutional clients, and has extensive experience representing institutional bodies in legal dunning and execution proceedings.

The attorneys in the Legal Dunning and Execution department have unique expertise in performing “soft collection” through telephone calls to debtors, with the objective of settling debts without being required to initiate legal proceedings.

The collection system includes a skilled proactive team that operates the call center and is involved with making telephone contact with debtors to try and get them to settle the debts without having to initiate unnecessary legal proceedings. This activity provides for effective collection, avoiding a substantial part of the expenses related to conducting collection proceedings.

The department’s dedicated collection and execution staff includes forty workers, seasoned attorneys and skilled employees, all residents of northern Israel. The department employs designated workers who speak Arabic, Russian and English at mother tongue level, which makes it possible to communicate professionally and clearly with all population groups. The department has a proven track record for successful collection in sectors recognized to be particular difficult for collection.

The legal dunning and execution activities are handled by the firm’s offices in Rosh Pina. Creating an efficient and advanced collection system, based on a steady local team of specialists, allows the firm to concentrate collection activity from all parts of the country in Rosh Pina, while adhering to the highest standards for quality, service and efficiency.

The firm’s clients in the area of legal dunning and execution include Pelephone Communications, Albar Group, the Israel Land Authority, Tnuva, Keter Plastic, Bezeq, the Misgav Water Corporation, and a long list of commercial and private creditors.


The unique expertise, decades of practical experience and a progressive administrative approach, make it possible for the department to handle thousands of individual collection claims simultaneously, while on the one hand remaining service oriented towards debtors, and on the other hand guaranteeing quality collection results for clients.

The entire collection process is computerized, and the system supports thousands of simultaneous claims. The department operates all software and equipment necessary for collecting substantial sums, including a call center, advanced computer systems that are online with the Execution Bureau, and information management systems that make it possible to produce various performance reports according to the client’s requirements.