Real Estate

ZAG-S&W’s Real Estate department handles all types of real estate projects and transactions, advising Israeli and international clients involved in real estate on the full range of real estate transactions, as well as issues in relation to property rights, planning and construction, and taxation. 

The Team
Led by Adv. Erez Aharoni, one of the firm’s founding partners, our Real Estate department advises developers, contractors, private land owners, architects, purchase groups and investors, throughout all stages of real estate transactions from the preliminary stages prior to acquisition and all the way to tax planning and registration.

We have a long and successful track record in representing clients on combination transactions, TAMA 38 projects, construction, urban renewal projects, dealings with the planning authorities and appeal committees, and real estate litigation whether in the context of administrative appeal or property disputes.

Our attorneys have particular expertise in relation to real estate administered by the Israel Land Authority (ILA), including transactions vis-à-vis the ILA and developers, land belonging to communal and cooperative settlements (Kibbutzes and Moshavs), registration of the ILA’s land, changing designation on the ILA’s land, the intake of new residents in agricultural settlements. This expertise taps into our understanding of and close relationships with key third parties such as the Jewish Agency, the Ministry of Construction and Housing, and other government ministries.


ZAG-S&W’s Real Estate department provides legal services, inter alia, in the following areas:

Handling, managing and preparing all types of real estate transactions: combination transactions, sale, lease, rent, land exchange, purchase groups and more.


Establishing and advising real estate initiatives including: residential, office, commerce, hotel, gas stations, transmission stations, and more. 


Promoting various city schemes for large complexes, drafting and editing city schemes, including handling all dealings with the various planning committees.


Handling rezoning of agricultural land, change of designation and land expropriation.


Advising urban renewal projects including evacuation-building and reinforcement (TAMA 38), both on behalf of developers and on behalf of tenants.


Acting vis-à-vis the tax authorities in relation to obtaining final assessments, appeals, challenges and more.


Registration of assets, unification and division, registration of apartment houses, drafting partnership agreements, mortgages and more.


Drafting and managing real estate tenders.


Legal advice with respect to conservation of historic structures and sites, including drafting contracts relating to such assets.


Representing in proceedings such as objections, appeal committees, administrative courts, planning authorities, deciding appraisers, and local planning committees in various claims including under Section 197 of the Planning and Building Law.


Ongoing legal advice and providing opinions on all aspects related to planning and building such as permits, plans, writs and feasibility of new projects, while offering practical solutions.


Representing investors with respect to real estate projects abroad.