Tax and Anti Money Laundering

ZAG-S&W’s Tax, Anti-money Laundering and Regulation department provides legal services on a broad spectrum of issues including Israeli and international taxation, regulation, anti-money laundering, FATCA and more.


Our skilled team of attorneys provides legal opinions and acts on behalf of clients in their dealings with the various authorities on the full range of tax issues. These include income tax, tax benefits and governmental incentives, capital gains tax, purchase tax, land betterment tax, VAT and more. We also obtain pre-rulings and representing tax payers in court and before the prosecution offices.


In the area of anti-money laundering and regulation, our attorneys advise and provide ongoing legal services to financial service providers, businesses and individuals, including the preparation of legal opinions, dealings with regulators such as the Anti-Money Laundering Authority, the Bank of Israel and the Ministry of Finance, 


Added Value
ZAG-S&W’s Tax, Anti-money Laundering and Regulation Department works in full cooperation with all other departments and offices in the US, China and Europe in order to provide our clients with the most comprehensive and immediate solutions. 


Our international presence also ensures we take into consideration the latest provisions of local law and relevant tax treaties so that we can provide the most effective and up-to-date advice in the US, Europea and Asia.