ZAG-S&W’s Litigation and Dispute Resolution department has started and acted on numerous challenges relating to tenders in the administrative courts, some of which have led to significant precedents in the law.


Our attorneys in the department, and the firm, more widely, have extensive experience in administrative law and routinely act for public and private companies, both Israeli and international companies, on their involvement in the entire tender process from the outset. These clients span many sectors including computing, education, infrastructure and more.
Legal services include, inter alia: the examination of tender documents, the bid, various legal issues regarding subcontractors and ongoing legal advice up to and after submitting the bid. We also advice in relation to the results of the tender, identify defects in the winning bids and plan any relevant appeal, including challenges and petitions, administrative petitions, injunction motions and more.
The Litigation and Dispute Resolution department has successfully represented many leading companies, including a leading Israeli IT company in various petitions relating to government procurement tenders and a prominent Israeli company operating schools for technological education in various petitions relating to tenders for operating schools in different location in Israel.
Furthermore, our Litigation and Dispute Resolution department has vast experience in filing petitions to the High Court of Justice on matters of principal against government ministries and other administrative authorities, including challenging administrative decisions. This activity has led to precedential and fundamental rulings.